Holidaymakers on board the Boudicca were told to don life jackets and gather at emergency muster stations, according to the son of one passenger.

The fire at 04:00 BST left the ship ?listing? and ?in pitch black?, said Dave Tonkin, whose father is onboard.

cruise-114152_640Fred Olsen, the company which owns the ship, said it was now fully stable and there was no danger to guests or crew.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Tonkin said auxiliary power was now running, but the ship had ?no engines?.

?They sound safe at the moment?, he said.

Fred Olsen spokeswoman Rachael Jackson said Boudicca listed for ?a short period? but was now stable.

?The fire was in the engine room, but has now been extinguished, and no guests or crew have been injured,? she said.

?The ship is currently without propulsion, but every effort is being made to restore the propulsion system as a matter of urgency, and it is believed that it will be restored shortly.?

The Boudicca is one of four cruise liners owned by the UK-based, Norwegian-owned company Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.

It takes up to 880 passengers and 329 crew, and was refitted in 2011, according to the company?s website.

The ship?s online locator currently shows it stationary off the coast of Casablanca, Morocco. It had been en route to Lanzarote, after leaving Cadiz, Spain on Saturday.

Source: BBC


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