Republic of South Africa at the southernmost tip of Africa Island is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions. Whether you are planning a beach vacation or a classic nature trip, this is the best place. A majority of vacationers consider this country to be a backward place but little do they know that it has some of the best preserved bio-reserve areas, ecological parks and desert. Its 3,000 kilometer coastline attracts beach lovers from across the world. The deep blue Atlantic is calm at its coast and it seems inviting. A holiday South Africa can give you unlimited fun, pleasure and memories to relive the sensation in future.

This country is divided into nine provinces with each province having its own attractions. You can read about Republic of South Africa in travel articles and blogs.

Read what visitors have to say about their holiday South Africa. Which place they like most and why? The articles would give an insight into this country where you can see a wide variety of wildlife including the big five game animals. The tribes of Africa no longer live a secluded life and this you will understand when you would visit them. Also the country has no dearth of cosmopolitan cities where you can find swanky malls and theme parks and water parks.

If you are looking for an active vacation then consider holiday South Africa and indulge in a myriad of activities. Living in the jungle with wild animals around would be a unique experience. The Kruger National Park is the right place to experience life wild. The park offers spacious rest camps and self catering lodgings where you can rest in peace and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

The park houses numerous species of reptiles, migratory birds and fishes. Also it has a wide variety of plants and flowers and fruits. The best time to explore the Kruger National Park is dry winter

But you can visit the South African beaches anytime of the year. The Atlantic is calm here and it seems calling the vacationers for playing. The ocean offers a perfect ground for fishing, canoeing, skiing, snorkeling, surfing and swimming. The best thing about the beaches of South Africa is that they are uncongested. The 3,000 kilometer long coastline offers beautiful beaches where vacationers can rest and relax and rejuvenate. If you love sun and sand then consider beach holiday South Africa.

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