Action 2015 National Coalition meeting has been held in Accra, calling on the youth, to stand firm to hold decision and Policy makers accountable for every promises they make.

Since this year, world leaders are setting global goals to end poverty , inequality and climate change; that is during the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa this July and key promises are yet to made.

In an interview with the Executive Director of Purim African Youth Development Platform ( PAYDP), Aku Xornam Adzraku- Kevi , after a national Civil Society Organization consultation meeting, she indicated that UN General Assembly Summit will take place in New York this September where Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) will be announced.

These will be 17 goals to shape development around the world over the next 15years.

Adding that, the goals will help address gender inequality, red extreme poverty and the elimination of illness such malaria, AIDS and many more.

“Next is the global climate change meeting which will take place in Paris in December.
Here world leaders will , meet again to set the world’s first legally binding climate change agreement, with the aim of keeping global warning below another 2 degree rise, to ensure that the decisions made at these two summits have the best possible outcomes for the people and planet, action/2015 is calling on the world leaders to set ambitious goals”, she noted.

According to her, millions of people around the world have taken part in activities through the campaign to make sure that world leaders the voices of their people.

“On Wednesday 12 August Global Call To Action Against Poverty (GCAP) and PAYDP will be marking the day of Action with various activities including a street rally in Kumasi , A Youth dialogue in the Eastern Region and a Youth competition, concert and Flash mob at Medina”, she added.

A Policy Analyst Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) Mr. Bernard Anaba, also noted the youth are the largest sector of the society and the energy for development.
He said, it is in this regard, Action/2015 is mobilising the youth and national coalitions to become more involved in various activities and days of Action before September especially the International Youth Day on 12th August 2015 and how to make the biggest impact in Ghana.

He also seized the opportunity to advise the youth to make use the social media in order to facilitate mass public mobilization to achieve the desired result.The Action 2015 National Coalition meeting was under themed: Unleash your #Youth Power With #action2015 for a better future for people and planet.

Besides, Action/2015 is a growing global citizen’s movement made up of almost 2000 organizations, networks and coalitions from 145 countries. United by the belief that 2015 is a critical year for progress in the fight against climate change, poverty and inequality.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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