When Hoda and her NYC financier boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, first got together, she was so secretive, she wouldn?t even tell anyone his name.


But now, the co-host of Today?s fourth hour is so happy in love she is finally ready to talk about the man that stole her heart!

In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Hoda opens up about her romance: ?Joel showed me that anything is possible,? Hoda exclusively tells Closer. ?Like, at 50 years old you can have butterflies ? you can feel that again. At 50, you can trust someone and realize that there are second chances in life. Joel showed me all of that.?

?Every morning when I go to work, he sends me a text,? she gushes of Joel?s romantic side. ?Right when I?m sitting down, I get a text that says, ?I miss you,? ?I love you.? It?s sweet.?

This summer, they plan to hit Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where Hoda?s mom has a house and they can watch fireworks from the roof. Might there be a midsummer proposal? ?I don?t know! I don?t know!? Hoda says.

Whether or not she gets that proposal, Hoda is still head over heels for Joel, ?He is kind, he is honest, he is handsome.?



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