President John Dramani Mahamah Is On A War Parth With Ho Assembly Members In Re-Nominating Mrs. Fafa Adinyria For Ho Municipal Assembly

The Volta Youth Advocacy Platform, (VYAT) wish to congratulate the president John Dramani Mahamah for heeding to our humble appeal for nominating a candidate for consideration by the Ho Municipal Assembly. The action by the president attest to the facts that, the president vision and action to walk the talk is in the right direction.

The Director of the Volta Youth Advocacy Platform, (VYAT) Deku Mensah wish to register its petition to this action by the president seems to be unfortunate and unlikely to violate the constitution and further turn to defeat the purpose of heeding to the call of the people of Ho calling for their substantive municipal chief executive.

According to the Local Government Act 462

The two main documents which guide the conduct of all assemblies stated that;

  1. The Act itself i.e. Local Government Act, 1993 Act 462 and
  2. The model standing orders for District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies,

In respect to these legal instruments, both documents stated clearly how a person can be appointed as DCE or MCE.

The act on page 20 clause 20 sub section 1 clearly states ?There shall be a District Chief Executive for each district who shall be appointed by the President with the prior approval of not less than two-thirds majority of the members of a district assembly present and voting at the meeting?.

It is much clearer on page 9 of the model standing orders. Part 4 under District chief executive clause 15 and 16 especially 15 (1) and 16 (6) (7) (8) (9) and (10) especially 16(10) state categorically the percentage votes that can confirm a nominee and the percentage which can cause a nominee to be rejected outright.

It is important that we do not create a seeming struggle between men and women as some of the statements are unfortunate and distasteful. The integrity, allegiance and competence of the assembly members should also not be made a subject matter in the ongoing discussion.

Above all the orchestrated agenda by some members of the assembly members purported to forged signatures of assembly members in submitting a petition to the president on his working visit to Ho and some parts of Volta region seems to be a slap on the authority of the president.

Where the democratic rights of the members of the Ho municipal assembly has been undermined.

It is on record that, Mrs. Adinyira re-nomination does not waver the power and authority of the assembly members; it is the same assembly members who would be called upon to vote for her endorsement or otherwise.

It is therefore important that the same people who would endorse the person should not be castigated nor denigrated, through the purported petition and the arranged demonstration by some selected members of women at the Ho central market.

It can clearly be seen that in recent years very competent people from diverse backgrounds and professions go into our Assemblies and so it should be expected that such people are rationale and discerning enough to do what is in the best interest of their various assemblies.

It is on record that former President Rawlings has cautioned the party faithful to allow a free hand in all political grass-root activities in order to allow the people to elect their own executives even at the assembly level in strengthening the party at the grassroots level.

It is an empathic, by the president in re-nominating Mrs. Fafa Adihyira is she going to get the nod? Then one would expect that she should rather be getting the 28 votes or more and not the 14 as it turned out in the first assembly election.

As it stands now, is she in a position to move from the 14 through 20 to the required 28 or more votes?

What has to be done to get her to that level? Can it be done? Would anything change?

It is also critical that the views of other opinion leaders and stakeholders be sought. What is the position of the Ho Chiefs, the Ho Queen mothers and other power brokers on the issue? It is refreshing that at some point, the demonstrators talked of the woman being competent.

It should be emphasized that the gender agenda should not be pushed just for the sake of gender. It is important that women should draw on their comparative advantages and strengthens rather than be seen merely advocating for positions just because they are feminine.

If that were the case then the advocates can do a better job even lobbying at higher pedestals for Madam Adinyira.

Again some serious questions need to be asked? What has been the role of the party executives from the region and constituency in all these events? Could the executives not have rallied to push this woman through or even to a higher appointment?

Seeing the votes that were gathered from the Ho area, has anybody from the area been given an appointment to merit the status of the constituency as the second highest voting constituency for the NDC, of the ruling party.

The Ho area is said to have turned out the second highest votes in terms of numbers after Ketu South for the NDC putting even the populous Ashaiman a distant third.

There are more questions than answers so for now it would suffice that we deal with the issues raised before we attempt any further scrutiny of the system.


Mr. Deku Mensah



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