The Ho Municipal Assembly hall was on Friday thrown into a state of disorder following the failure of the Assembly members to elect a new Presiding Member (PM).

Three rounds of voting failed to produce a PM as the front-liner, Mr Stephen Addom, Assemblyman for Loboli Electoral area, could not get two-third of votes required.

In the first round of voting, he polled 23 as against 18 votes for Mama Serwa Fenu I, Queen of Taviefe and a Government Appointee.

Mr Adom polled 28 during the second and third rounds of voting, one vote short of the 29 required, against 15 and 13 for Mama Serwa Fenu.

After the third round of voting, Mama Fenu withdrew from the race to the displeasure of her supporters, some of whom made loud noises and suggested that the election be re-scheduled.

They argued that it was illegal to vote on the same subject for more than three times.

Some members on the side of Mr Adom protested the adjournment but had to give in following pleas from personnel of the Electoral Commission conducting the election that they were tired.

While the motion for the adjournment was being moved, majority of the assembly members walked out of the hall, boycotting the closing procedures and lunch.

The election of a new PM had become necessary following the creation of the Ho-West Assembly, where the former Presiding Member comes from.

Source: GNA


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