Somerset is a country that is very rich in history and has well-maintained historical sites that allow you to get some interesting stories of the past. A visit to Somerset during your dog friendly holidays can take you around various historical places of interest that are owned or managed by the National Trust. These places are wonderful attractions you must visit not only because they are interesting to watch but because they have been witnesses to the memorable events in the history of the county and the country. Here are some places that you will enjoy visiting.

Coleridge Cottage

One popular attraction in Somerset that you must visit during your dog friendly holidays is Coleridge Cottage which is popularly known as the home of romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  He wrote some of his best works during the three years that he stayed at the cottage from 1707 to 1800.

These works included Kubla Khan, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Frost at Midnight, The Nightingale, Cristabel, This Lime Tree Bower My Prison. Coleridge together with Wordsworth is known for having a crucial role in the development of the literary Romantic Movement. Extensive renovations were done in the 1800s and again in 2011 when the rooms where recreated to mirror the time when the Coleridge family lived there.

This is the first time in 100 years that the cottage was opened to the public. You can immerse in poetry at the Reading Room or try out writing with a quill as Coleridge did.

Before leaving, you must enjoy some farmhouse cakes, snacks, hot and cold drinks at the covered Cottage Courtyard tea-room. The gift shop also sells a wide variety of local produce, gifts and books that are unique to Coleridge Cottage so you must take some home with you and enjoy even after your dog friendly holidays are over.  Explore the Coleridge Way that will take you around the area surrounding the cottage and watch the amazing scenery at the nearby Quantock Hills. The Coleridge Cottage is located at 35 Lime Street, Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset and is easily accessible from your holiday cottages.

King John’s Hunting Lodge

John’s Hunting Lodge is a 1500s timber-framed Tudor wool merchant’s house located in the town of Axbridge. It provides a very interesting peek into history. The National Trust recreated the arcaded stalls that open up into the street on the house’s ground floor when it renovated the building. This further enhanced the strong medieval look of the house. Today, King John’s Hunting lodge is a local history museum that is run by Axbridge and District Museum Trust. You can explore the house by visiting the museum. You will get the chance to know more about the rich past of the building as well as the reason why it is called as the King John’s Hunting Lodge. The museum shows you more about the rich local history of Mid-Somerset. Entrance fee to the museum is £2.50 for all adults. When you visit the town of Axbridge during your dog friendly holidays, you must not fail to visit this popular attraction.

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