The highlights of a Kerala backwater cruises are basically everything about the whole trip, from beginning to end. But this article is about the specific highlights, what is it that makes Kerala backwater cruises so very special?

Well, before we go into the details too much maybe we should just clarify what exactly a backwater cruise is. Well, put simply, a backwaters cruise is a one or more day tour of the Kerala backwaters, a massive expanse of waterways and canals that connect various rivers and lakes along the Western border of Kerala. The tours take place on houseboats, locally known as ‘Kettuvalams’ which were not originally built to be used as houses but rather cargo ship. They have all however now been refitted into luxury floating palaces with all the modern amenities that you may need. So now we know what they are, let’s talk about the highlights of Kerala backwater cruises.The beauty of Kerala has been well documented throughout history and the state is famed for it extremely photographic, lush greenery and this definitely one of the highlights of Kerala backwater cruises. On your cruise you travel slowly and probably only cover around 40 or 50 Km a day but you see so much. The backwaters have over 1800 Km of coastline all of which is teeming with plant, animal and human life. You only need to look at some photos to see the almost surreal beauty of the backwaters. As I have mentioned already, the backwaters are full of life everywhere you look. Some of the most popular attractions among the animal life are the birds, most of Kerala’s 450 odd birds can be found in the backwaters including Kingfishers and other rare migratory birds such as Terns. Other wildlife includes crocodiles, snakes, turtles and other aquatic life such as fish and frogs. Everywhere in these rich waters something is living.The food on board the houseboats is another of the highlights of Kerala backwater Cruises and it is one of the main reasons that I come back to Kerala year after year. Every houseboat is graced with its own master chef who never fails in his efforts to conjure up mouth-watering, authentic local Keralan food using fresh ingredients. The food in Kerala is not as spicy as in other regions, unless of course you ask for it to be so. The first time I came to this amazing place I was stunned by how inventive they are in this region, they make amazing dishes using some truly bizarre things.Ok, I know sounds a bit lame but there really are few experiences which come close to sitting up on a luxury boat which is moored up in one of the most beautiful regions in the world and watching the sun go down over rice paddies and coconut trees, heaven!I hoped you enjoyed this article about the highlights of Kerala backwater cruises, for more information and travel quotes, simply follow the link at the bottom of this page.

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