Teenage Pregnancy
Hiawoanwu Community Faced With Rampant Teenage Pregnancy

Community leaders at Hiawoanwu a small farming community under Ejura-Sekyeredumase municipality have bitterly complained on the seemingly uncontrollable pace at which JHS liver girls are getting pregnant in the area.

teenage-pregnancyThe area recently is recording a high number of pregnant school going children who are mostly JHS graduates and SHS one(1) girls.

The headmaster Mr. Habib Isaku noted that, irresponsible parenting and sheer negligence are the main causes of this scaring canker. He continued that parents refusal to provide basic needs for their girl child and sometimes lack of intensive monitoring, levels the ground for teenage pregnancy.

“At times, some parents don’t give their children daily pocket money for school therefore those who has boyfriends would result to them”

However, some of the children(mainly boys) has bemoaned on the alleged immoral activities of those they described as “young teachers” in the school. They suspect the relationship between some of the girls and these “young teachers”

The Assembly member of the area, Hon. Yakubu Osman revealed that plans are far advanced to solve this developmental retarded problem. He advises that, parents should see their children as their assets and future guardians. He encourages them to give their children good advice, to stay from bad friends, smoking, prostitution and other potential juvenile delinquency.

Source?Eliasu Tanko


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