HFC Bank Ghana says it is poised to better serve its customers in 2015, by strengthening its information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and implementing other innovative strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.



Mr Asare Akuffo, Managing Direactor of the bank, speaking at a cocktail to appreciate the bank’s customers, said HFC was on the process of revamping its whole ICT infrastructure to enhance customer service especially with internet banking products.

The bank, in response to customer demand, would also launch its Visa ATM cards in January 2015 and would also focus on establishing new branches in urban cities to meet the needs of its customers, especially businesses.

Mr Akuffo said the bank was diversified in its business offerings to its customers.

“We pride ourselves on being the most diversified bank in Ghana, which is our main attraction. We are second to none when it comes to offering our customers the services they need,” he said.

He said HFC offered various financial services including home loans, real estate, savings and investment products, business or corporate banking and even micro finance services.

“We want to serve all Ghanaians to be the truly Ghanaian bank that knows the needs of Ghanaians and meets those needs and our customers appreciate that” he said, adding that although the bank started out in real estate and home financing, it had now come into full banking services.

“I don’t think that any other bank is serving Small and Medium Enterprises in ghana better than HFC,” he said.

The cocktail is an annual event organised to give staff of the bank and their clients a chance to interact and to bond with each other.

It gives top management, especially, the chance to see the faces behind the names that they see everyday and to appreciate them for their loyalty to the bank over the year.

They also unveiled the bank’s 2015 calender, themed: “The Proverbs of our Business,’ which encourages customers to save using proverbs for each month. Customers were given copies of the 2015 calendar and other souvenirs and were treated to drinks, food and live band music.


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