Heroin and crack were killing Whitney Houston?s troubled daughter before she was found unconscious in a bathtub, The national reported in a bombshell world exclusive.

A man who has admitted to using those deadly drugs with Bobbi Kristina Brown spoke out that??Heroin and crack were killing Whitney Houston?s troubled daughter before she was found unconscious in a bathtub. He spoke to the National Enquirer anonymously;

?Whether heroin or crack ? or other drugs ? played a role in what happened to her will be determined. But I know how bad off she was in the months before this happened,????She told me her mother?s death ?gutted her.? Those were her exact words,? the man said.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly began abusing drugs at age 17. She created a scandal when shocking photos emerged allegedly showing her snorting cocaine and taking hits of marijuana from a bong. But her lethal turn to heroin and especially to crack ? the addictive street drug that turned Houston into a junkie ? has never been known until now.

At the time of the tragedy, Bobbi was spending upwards of $5,000, about N800,000 a week on drugs, according to the this source who went to the same school with her and remained close to her. He said he came forward to help piece together the events that led up to Brown being found unresponsive in a water-filled bathtub at the Roswell, Ga., home she shared with her 28-year-old partner Nick Gordon.

According to him, One clue that could help authorities investigating the incident would be to locate ?the secret vault-like chamber? hidden in her home, he said.

?That?s where Krissi keeps her drug stash and cash, and also where Nick keeps his guns,?

He also said that other answers could come from two local drug dealers who supplied Bobbi Kristina;

?These two are known as ?Steve-O? and ?G,’? he said. ?They would either come to her place or she?d meet them in her car at a designated location.?

He went on to say;

?Before Whitney died, Krissi was hooked on coke and marijuana, and also had a problem with Xanax.?

According to the source, Bobbi Kristina?s descent into harder drugs unfolded in the months after her mother passed. Whitney was found dead in a water-filled bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel on Feb. 11, 2012. Cocaine and other drugs were found in her body.

After that, Bobbi Kristina first turned to Roxicodone, a synthetic drug chemically similar to heroin known as ?Roxys,? ;

?She really liked the feeling she got from Roxys. She snorted them, and she?d ask me, ?Can you get them for me?’?

?Not long after that she traded up to ?full-blown? heroin,?.???We?d use heroin together at friends? apartments, at parties.?


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