So, I decided to give my VIP tickets to the Guinness Big Eruption concert to true Guinness fans by asking some very ?Guinness? questions. And well, I didn?t get as many right answers as I would have wanted but many of the answers were not too far off.? The best and closest answers came from?Paul Armah so he will be the only winner. Paul should contact [email protected] for his redemption codes. The right answers are as follows:

Over how many years of heritage does Guinness have? Ans: 250 yearsWhat makes Guinness truly made of more?


v? ?Brewed in exact same way for 250 years

v? The world?s most distinctive beer

v? Made from the finest brewing ingredients

v? Uses twice the amount of hops of other beers

v? Its barley is roasted to unlock its rich flavor.

3.?????? Name the 1 attribute that Guinness gives more of? Ans: More look, More soul and More taste


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