Classy women are ladies of virtues. They know who they are and would not succumb to undue pressures from whosoever. They are respectful, loyal, faithful and goal- getters. Here are the top 10 characteristics of a classy women.

1. They are not inspired by material benefits

2. They are hardworking and independent.

3. They have a good relationship with their creator and human

4. They stick to their men and help him grow

5. They believe in their men and speak life into him

6. They are lovable and strong and caring.

7. They do not jump from one man to the other, they close their thighs and use their brains.

8. They are patient and they wait for the right time.

9. They are neat and clean; their beauty radiate from the inside.
10. They cover up their privates; they believe in moderation in fashion


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