One of TV3?s star news anchor Henry Herbert Malm has been shown the exit according to a report. Sources at the station tell us Mr. Malm was sacked on Friday over a ?petty? issue he had with one of the top bosses at the station Mary-Ann Eyram Acolatse. He is said to have flouted a directive by Ms. Acolatse, who is Director, News, Current Affairs, to have a regular guest on his late night News @ 10 programme, thrown in as new co-host.

Mr. Malm our sources say didn?t take lightly, the decision to ?super-impose? the supposed new co-host on both him and the show. His protest somewhat didn?t sit well with his boss, hence the sack. sources say the decision to outrightly sack Mr. Malm has caused fear amongst some sections of the workforce, a fright also informed by recent resignations of some key on-air personalities.

The station has lost some key persons in the last few months. Bright Nana Amfo, who returned to Adese We after a stint at the Kennedy Agyapong-owned NET 2 TV, has since taken up a new role at Multi TV. Roland Walker, until recently one of the station?s most cherished assets, has also left, and is said to be doing ?fine? at one of the numerous private companies belonging to the group that also owns Zoomlion.

Station sources tell this website that from the look of things, a recency effect of the Malm-Amfo-Walker situation could trigger further voluntary and pushed-to-go exits, and have also suggested most are having difficulties with the management style of the team put in place by new owners Media General Ghana Limited.

Ms. Acolatse, who was brought back to the station by the new owners after stints at Metro TV and Multi TV, station sources tells, is seeking new directions to the way news and current affairs programmes are handled at the outfit, and that seems to be winning her more ?enemies? than friends ( can?t independently verify this claim).


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