Dental amalgam

She said dental health was as important as any other healthcare, but many people had neglected it.

Dental amalgamRev. Mumuni gave the advice at Sang in the Mion District during a free dental examination exercise, organised for the Community and its surrounding towns by the Montana Dental Outreach Teams from the United States.

The Montana Dental Outreach team is a non-profit organisation, which supplies free dentistry equipment to children and the homeless around the world.

Rev. Mumuni said she was concerned about the health of the children at the orphanage and the Community, hence the invitation to the Outreach Team.

More than 500 people had their teeth examined and cleansed.

She thanked the Outreach team for accepting to come from the USA to help the needy and appealed to other philanthropists to go to the aid of the orphanage to improve their conditions.

Dr Robert Thomas Bartoletti, the leader of the Outreach Team, said his outfit had worked for the past 10 years in Eastern Europe, Central and South America, as well as Haiti, with the primary mission of providing help for people in need.

He said Ghana was the only country in West Africa that the Team had visited.

Dr Bartoletti said many of those screened had severe dental problems, but they had been living with it due to either ignorance or negligence on their dental hygiene.

The Nazareth Children’s Home was established by Rev. Sister Mumuni with the aim of providing vocation skills to identified orphans and other needy children in the area.

Through the support of benevolent individuals and organisations, she has established a Vocational School, which is nearing completion to serve as learning grounds for children who cannot make to the highest level of formal education.

She had also constructed primary and secondary schools to provide formal education to children at the orphanage, with ages between four and 18.

The construction of a clinic and hostel are progressing.

Source: GNA


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