Managing Director Birendra Sasmal
Managing Director Birendra Sasmal

The Management of Subah Infosolutions, a whole owned Ghanaian Information and Technology Company has asked the Parliament Select Committee on Communication to assist them with the necessary support needed to enable the Company deliver critical technology solutions, not only for the benefit of the state but also for the teeming youth as jobs are created in the process.

Managing Director Birendra Sasmal
Managing Director Birendra Sasmal

This support, the tech company noted will facilitate and make it easier for any administrative, political or legislative hurdles in its bid to expand its deliverables across the Continent exporting home-grown technology, customized to suit clients in a number of tech solutions.

The company’s core businesses are Revenue Assurances, Telecom Traffic Monitoring, ICT Training, Banking Training, Set-top boxes, Revenue collection, Rural Telephony, Data center, and Solar Powered Telephony Infrastructure. Revenue monitoring and mobilization the flagship of the company, it has the capacity to do digitalization of critical documents for companies for easer storage and retrieval.

IMG-20160113-WA0034The Parliamentary Select Committee members were taken through the capabilities and the advancement the company has made in its various spheres of operations. Management of Subah created the platform for the legislators to learn the successes chalked since engaging or working for government in several areas. The engagement was also to give them the first-hand information on what Subah is capable of delivering, the value addition it has successful brought to the state, and the possibilities it is bringing to the youth which has been demonstrated in terms of job creation in the country and elsewhere such as in Guinea Conakry.

Described as a collaborative working platform between the Committee, the Managing Director Birendra Sasmal explained that the feedback from the honorable members of Parliament will help them shape company policies for greater output geared towards helping government in its revenue generation and other essential technology services. Using locally designed and built technology, Mr. Sasmal explained that Subah is making Ghana proud across the African Continent as it has market presence not only in the West African sub-region but also in Eastern Africa as well.


The technology has also helped in creating jobs for the teeming youth as additional 600 youth will be trained in ICT to deliver telephony to rural areas. These opportunities will help expose them (youth) and the rural areas as well to modern trends in ICT to enable them also compete favorably on the market.

Government Revenue

Educating the gathering, Redeemer Kwame, General Manager (Business Development & Projects, underscored the tremendous government revenue has increased as a result of its technology deployed. He mentioned how 200 young Ghanaians have been trained and issued with certification and engaged as well.

Redeemer Kwame, General Manager (Business Development & Projects)
Redeemer Kwame, General Manager (Business Development & Projects)

Reiterating, Mr. Sasmal said before the monitoring of government revenue, government collected GH ¢ 20 million per month as taxes from the telecoms companies but after it jumped to GH ¢ 36.1, GH ¢40.7, and GH ¢57.9 per month as revenue to government. It also reduced leakages as well. It is projected that government revenue will hit GH ¢ 60 million per month on local calls. The deployment of the technology too has increased internal traffic to 64 million minutes increasing revenue from US $3.5 million to 3.9 million.
Interacting with the gathering, some Members of Parliament suggested to the management to consider addressing the damaged image the company been associated with it. But responding, Redeemer Kwame, denied that Subah has ever benefited from any government facility. Adding, “it was 100% risk from day one”.

Nevertheless, they (MPs) called on Subah to develop a technology that will enable government to collect more withholding taxes paid for government but collected by third party. Responding the Mr. Sasmal explained that Subah already has a technology to that effect, what is needed is a contract from government for them to implement that.

African Markets

In his presentation to the gathering, Mr. Kwame said the vision of the company is to reach out to new African markets with these home-grown technology and vital tech services to other African countries to help governments to increase its revenue collection as achieved in Ghana. And so the company has opened its offices in Guinea Conakry, held discussions with officials in Gambia, Zimbabwe and recently Sierra Leone, Congo, Lesotho and Tanzania to deploy the technology.

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