The President, Veterinary Council of Nigeria, Prof. Garba Shuaibu, has called on states and local governments to privatise their abattoirs to standardise its operations and curb the filthy nature of the facilities.

Shuaibu made the call on Saturday in Bauchi in an interview.

He said the measure would help to stop some unwholesome practices such as the slaughter of pregnant and unhealthy animals.

“We have suggested to the government that the best way to do this is through close monitoring and supervision especially in ensuring that only certified and healthy animals are slaughtered.

“Let government register people who are ready to establish abattoirs, and then government form a regulatory unit to monitor those that have been given licences to operate these abattoirs.

“By so doing, standard will be maintained. But the practice whereby government is involving itself in running of abattoirs is archaic and unproductive because government cannot regulate itself.”

According to him, most of abattoirs handled by local governments have been left to rot due to lack of enforcement of standard regulations.

He accused local councils of only interested in the revenue generated from the facilities rather than ensuring quality and protection of the health of citizens.

Shuaibu said the local councils had over the years failed in providing the required infrastructure to make abatoirs decent

“You find out that most abattoirs are filthy with very dirty environment as most of them lack water to wash the meat and the environment itself.

“We need to also focus on our environment from where the meat we eat comes from, we concentrate only on human health which can be prevented from what we consume.”

The president, who described animals as reservoirs of human diseases, appealed to governments to concentrate on preventive measures to stop diseases from spreading.

“Government will only continue to waste resources by way of sponsoring the development ofhuman health while neglecting the development of animal health.”


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