Heidi Range
Heidi Range

The former Sugababes singer is married to Alex Partakis – with whom she has 12-month-old daughter Aurelia with – but even though they have been together for years she still gets self-conscious about him seeing her in her birthday suit and was left “mortified” when her beau accidentally walked in on her applying moisturiser to her figure.

Speaking on Yahoo’s new podcast, ‘White Wine Question Time’, Heidi said: “I’ve never been body confident. My husband walked in on me moisturising the other day and I was mortified … We’ve been married seven years. I would hate [my daughter] to feel how I’ve felt about my body.”

Heidi, 35, also opened up on her birth in January 2018, revealing that her labour was, most unusually, painless.

She added: “I had the most amazing birth. [It was 40 minutes of pushing and no pain.] All through her birth I was thinking I can’t wait to look into her eyes. And the obstetrician said, ‘Open your eyes’, and she was just staring up at me like a little doll.”

Although she had a great birth, the ‘Push The Button’ hitmaker contracted blood poisoning after suffering an infection while breastfeeding and was eventually diagnosed with mastitis – which causes a woman’s milk ducts to become blocked and infected – by a midwife, but a health visitor then realised things were much more serious and she was rushed to hospital with sepsis.

She previously said: “I was in so much pain, shivering and delirious, but I thought it was because I was so exhausted.

“It was only when the health visitor saw my symptoms and spotted a rash that she said, ‘I think you’ve got sepsis, you need to get to hospital.’ ”

Tests confirmed the star had the life-threatening infection – which is contracted by just 1 per cent of mastitis sufferers – and she was put on a drip for four days to fight it.
But despite her serious problems, Heidi’s main concern was for her daughter.

She said: “I looked at Aurelia and said to Alex, I’m so glad this is happening to me, not her.”


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