Mauritius is a magnificent tropical paradise jam-packed with natural beauty! Scintillating blue ocean, sun-kissed beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, pulsating night-outs, eclectic shopping and tantalizing cuisines – this dazzling nation packs in something for everyone!

With loads of unique experiences, heaps of activities and tapestry of incredible charms – it comes as no surprise that Mauritius impresses all and sundry! In fact, Mauritius is one of the few holiday hotspots that are loved by families, honeymooners and adventurers alike!

The easy availability of luxury Mauritius holiday deals attract many to flock here, year-round. However, those seeking holidays here should be mindful of the entry requisites, health tips and local laws to enjoy unflustered holidays!

Entry Requirements – Visas

Britons planning luxury holidays to Mauritius do not need to procure a visa beforehand.

British passport holders with a return ticket are issued a visa, usually valid for three months, on arrival. However, those seeking employment in the country need to arrange a work permit well in advance.

Entry Requirements – Passport validity

British nationals planning holidays to Mauritius must hold a valid passport. In addition, the passport must be valid for a minimum period of six months from the date of entry into country. Those flouting this rule may be denied entry into the country by the immigration authorities.

It is highly advisable for those willing to travel to South Africa from Mauritius to ensure at least two unused pages in the passport.

Entry Requirements – Yellow fever certificate

All travellers arriving from a region where yellow fever is prevalent will require a yellow fever certificate.


Britons hopping on Mauritius flights must ensure that they have all the prescribed medication to last the trip.

It is sensible to exercise precautions against diseases like Chikungunya and AIDS that are prevalent in Mauritius.

Those looking for exhaustive information on vaccination requirements, health outbreaks and general disease protection and prevention can visit the websites of the National Travel Heath Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) and NHS Scotland’s Fit For Travel.

Local Laws

Drug trafficking and consumption is an unbailable offence here and can attract severe penalties and punishments. Drug trafficking attracts rigorous jail-sentences (up to 45 years) and import of 15 grams of cannabis could call for a one-year custodial sentence and a fine of 100,000 Mauritian rupees. Possession or import of cigarette papers is also illegal in the country.

Britons booking luxury Mauritius holiday deals should be mindful of carrying copies of valid medical certificates in case of the prescribed and over the counter medicines. Prescribed drugs that include psychotropic preparations like tranquillisers or hypnotics, narcotics like morphine and other strong pain-killers by law require prior permission before import. Flouting this may lead to an arrest.

For exhaustive details on drug related policies one can seek advice from the Mauritius High Commission in London. Import permits and special authorisation requests are generally processed in 24-48 hours if one submits relevant supportive documents while applying. One needs to furnish basic details like applicant’s address and name, flight details, photocopy of the personal details page of applicant’s passport, address and period of intended stay in Mauritius with the description and quantities of drugs to be carried.

Always carry photocopies of the passport and driving licence as the police may ask visitors to furnish identification proofs. However, leave the original documents at some safe place like hotel’s safe.

While the law of the land does not make homosexuality illegal, the act of sodomy is unlawful irrespective of sexual orientation.

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