The world’s most dangerous spider is on the move Down Under according to animal experts on Wednesday, with recent heavy storms creating perfect conditions for the crawling creatures.

Found mainly on the east coast of Australia, funnel-web spiders prefer cool, moist conditions often hiding under rocks, logs and in burrows underground.


According to reptile and spider keeper Jake Meney from the Australian Reptile Park, on occasion the eight-legged critters are also discovered inside homes, usually in the laundry, garage or an unsuspecting person’s shoe.

“The public need to remain vigilant, aware and safe when dealing with funnel-web spiders,” he said.

“The weekend rain brings humid conditions where funnel web spiders thrive.”

Containing the most toxic venom of any spider in the world, one bite can leave a person dead within 15 minutes.

But thanks to modern medical technology, there have been no fatalities since the introduction of anti-venom.

As the sole supplier of funnel-web spider venom for the live-saving medicine, the Australian Reptile Park relies heavily on public arachnid donations.

While most people Down Under are likely to be terrified at the thought of more deadly spiders wandering around, for people like Meney it presents a great opportunity to create more anti-venom.

“If you are an adult and feel safe to do so, please catch the funnel webs using a big glass jar and keeping your hands away from the spider, coax the spider into the jar using a long stick and bring it to us at the Australian Reptile Park,” he said.

“It’s important that Australians are across the correct first aid and know how to safely catch the spiders so that we can continue to milk them and save lives.” Enditem


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