Mysore city is regarded as the ‘Palace City’ and has many tourist attractions.  Chamundeswari temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in this city.  It is located about 13 kilometers away from the city on the Chamundi Hills. It is named after Durga or Chamundeswari, considered as a form of Shakti. The deity is worshiped for many centuries by the Maharajas of Mysore and is considered as presiding Mysore deity. 

It is believed that Mysore was once ruled by Mahishasura, the demon king. His head was of a buffalo and after hearing the pleas of goddesses and gods, mother Parvathi came to the rescue and was born as Chamundeshwri and killed the demon, Mahishasura. After killing Mahishasura, Parvathi stayed back on the hills and thus, she is worshiped with utmost devotion.

Tourist Attractions:

The temple is at a height of 3000 feet and has 1000 steps to reach the Goddess Chamundeswari temple.

Near to the temple is located 16 ft high Mahishasura statue.

You can also find giant granite Nandi considered as the Lord Shiva’s vahana at the end of 800th step. The Nandi is situated outside Lord Shiva temple located on the hill. The giant Nandi statue is added in the list of huge statues existing in India. The statue and 1000 steps were built in the year 1659 by Dodda Devaraja Wodeyar. 

Festivals of Chamundeswari Temple:

The ten day Dasara festival held in the temple is worth seeing.

The various Vedic chants, music recitals and other religious attractions should never be missed.  After the amazing Dasara festival, the car festival or rathotsava is held every year on full moon day of Ashwina of Hindu Month, which usually is in the October month. Therefore, if you are planning your trip to visit Chamundeswari Temple, October is the right month to see the various temple activities and attractions. The festival of Theppotsave or floating festival is followed after Dasara and this event is held during night time.

The temple structure is quadrangular in shape with beautifully decorated Dravidian pattern at the entrance of the pyramidal tower or gopura with a Lord Ganesha statue at the doorway.  The silver-plated doorway is inscribed with different forms of Goddess’s images.

Reaching Chamundeswari Temple:

You can easily reach Mysore by air, train or road. The online bus tickets, plane tickets or train tickets can be easily procured to avoid any unwanted issues during travel. Once when you have reached Mysore, you can easily get local transport or private transport to reach the temple.

The view of Chamundi Hills is easy from the city of Mysore at around 8-10 kms distance. The path towards the hill top can be easily accessed from the Chamundi Hills Road. It starts from NH12 junction outside the city and goes straight to the hill top.  The road is well maintained and connected by frequently plying government buses. You can also hire a bus, cab. Booking a bus to reach the hilltop is also quite easy.  

Once, you reach the Chamundi hilltop you can get a lovely panoramic view of the Mysore city. The places, which you can easily view from the hilltop, are the Mysore Palace and Lalith Mahal Palace. During Dasara festival, the Mysore Palace glitters like gold and attract many tourists. 

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