Health officials in the Sekyere South District of the Ashanti Region are reporting increasing rate of hypertension in the area.

It ranks behind malaria and anaemia as the highest killer, with 9,800 cases recorded last year, up from 5,025 in 2009.

District Health Director, Dr. Abora Addo, attributes the trend to unhealthy life-style by people in Peri-urban communities.

The District Health Directorate has been reviewing its performance for last year at Jamasi, also in the district.

Malaria constitutes 50 per cent of cases recorded over the period, followed by respiratory diseases (16%) and hypertension with 7.5%.

Officials describe the situation as worrying, especially for such a predominantly farming community.

Though the health directorate embarked on outreach and other education on effects of tobacco and other substances, little impact was made.

He warns the situation could worsen if people do not change their way of living despite continued public education.

Meanwhile, the district health directorate says it is taking steps to improve daily data collection by strengthening health information management systems.

Source: Joy Online


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