It looks like questions about how Former President John Evans Attah Mills died have been a mystery. They will keep coming up until events leading to his death are finally made public.There have been times some of the late President’s family have come out to demand evidence of how Mills died.A school of thought has it that, it is a very bad precedence, how the number one gentleman’s death should be handled in secrecy.It must be recalled that, sometime last year, running up to the NDC’s national delegates congress, former National Organizer for the party, Boateng Gyan threatened to release evidence as to how Mills died and what killed him. A quick message to Mr Boateng Gyan is Ghanaians are still waiting.Whiles NsromaMedia keep waiting for Boateng Gyan, the Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia, who was the deputy Chief of Staff during Mills era, has given a vivid account to how the late president died.


How the first Gentle of the Land ended up at a Female ward at the 37 Military hospital dead, when the highest level health care should be at his beck and call is something a sincere mind can not fathom.Going by Alex Segbefia’s account, We  can deduce Mills’ death was something that need to be investigated.We are in 2016, and trust the opposition NPP to bring this matter in the fore during thier campaign, and we believe it is in the best intetest of the rulling party to come clear of how The former president died and what actually killed him.This is how Alex Segbefia gave the AccountAlex Segbefia account on Mills' death


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