Once We Started Dating He Disappeared” – Girl Seeks Help

I am writing actually to get you to look into a topic or to give your thought on this situation which I am sure many women may have faced while having relationships with men. The withdrawal?why do men choose to withdraw or give the silent treatment even when things ?appear? to be going well in a relationship?

I had a situation where a man I met came on so strong about dating me. I am a believer of being friends with a person to get to know their personality and character first before diving into a relationship. But, then again people wear masks and put on their best behaviors during the initial stage of any encounter or relationship.

This man did everything to get my attention, he was nice and sweet. He wanted to be my man so badly and finally I agreed to dating and a relationship. Shortly after the relationship started, I noticed he was withdrawing. Classic signs; no returning of phone calls or text messages and eventually vanished like a ghost. You guessed it right, he returned at his convenience and made up some really flimsy excuses. I was intuitive enough, followed my instinct and kept him at bay even though he makes every attempt to be close to me.

My question for you is this, why do men do this? Why get into a relationship if you know that you will not follow through. It is insulting and frustrating to have a man plead, beg and do whatever it takes to get into a relationship with you and then vanish just like that for no apparent reason. I will really like to get your thought on this and how to look out for men like this. Thank you.

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