HCE Medical Group, UK, have announced an investment into BG Scrubs LLC, Ghana to
deliver better care to the medical sector in Ghana. A new company, HCE Ghana LLC has
been specially created for this long term partnership with a vision to support the healthcare needs of Ghana through supply of high-quality healthcare products and services.

HCE Medical Group, established in 2000 has become a major UK supplier of medical goods
and services to both the private and NHS healthcare sector. HCE Medical Group specialises
in design, supply and manufacture of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and
consumables. HCE Medical Group is also engaged in the export of medical goods and
services to over 50 Countries with a strong focus on Research and Development with many
of our products built and inspected in our manufacturing facilities in the UK.

BG Scrubs is a leading luxury lifestyle retailer in Ghana and has been providing the medical
professional communities with high performance medical work wear for many years. They
have a varied portfolio of collections covering Medical Scrubs, Surgical wear & theatre
supplies, Footwear for health professionals, Medical Coats & Accessories and Medical
Supplies. BG Scrubs have grown with their key customers such as, Greater Accra Regional
Hospital (Ridge Hospital), C&J Medicare Hospital, East Cantonments Pharmacy, Bethel
Methodist Medical Centre, Rabito Clinic and many more.

Forging HCE Ghana LLC brings the experience of HCE Medical Group, UK, a leading
international healthcare supplier and BG Scrubs, Ghana, a leading local medical clothing
supplier together to create new jobs, economic growth and innovation across the medical
and healthcare sector of Ghana and neighbouring countries.

“Our business is founded on our commitment to service excellence, innovation and a
product portfolio tailored to the needs of our clients. Our business has continued to grow
and now includes HCE Ghana with its own specialities delivering a solution based service.”
Raj Singh, CEO, HCE Medical Group



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