Hazel O'Sullivan and Charlie Travers
Hazel O’Sullivan and Charlie Travers

Hazel O’Sullivan, Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Sophie Lawrence and Jack and Joe Glenny all face eviction from the ‘Big Brother’ house after the housemates’ friends and family carried out the nominations on last night’s show (05.08.13).


The sextet were nominated after the housemates’ nearest and dearest made the choices via a video link beamed into the house on last night’s (05.08.13) show, but some comments caused tensions to rise in the abode.

Hazel was nominated four times, while twins Jack and Joe were slammed by Charlie’s friend and Dexter’s mother.

But the pair’s own mum hit back by nominating both Charlie and Dexter.

Charlie’s pal made a shock decision by naming the 26-year-old brunette’s pal Hazel – who got her flirty friend Daley Ojuederie kicked off the show, claiming he was “aggressive” to her after he put his hands around her throat during a boozy play-fight – after branding her behaviour towards Daley as “disgusting”.

While Sam Evans avoided being put up for eviction, he was nominated by Sophie’s grandmother after previously clashing with the 20-year-old blonde in the house, and the pair continued to quarrel during the episode.

Speaking in the Diary Room, Sam said: “I’m disappointed with Sophie. When we were in the Safe House she started saying you and Gina really flirt, I think she is trying to stir things up with Gina.

“And Dexter obviously doesn’t like me when he comes sucking up to me one to one, I don’t want to hear it. I’ll probably turn my hearing aid off or something.

“The reason I’m frustrated is because I want to show a good image because I’m hard of hearing and I don’t want to come across as rude or fake, it is very important for me to show that I am good person.”

He later confronted her in the kitchen but the former karate queen hit back.

She said: “Why have you got a problem, with me? I’ve done nothing wrong. You’ve got an issue with me. It’s pathetic.

“You’re meant to be a man. It’s f***ing winding me right up.”

Source: Bangshowbiz


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