Recently, there are many gadget fans have already got the iPhone 5. In the beginning of released, the iPhone 5 had been complained as no novelty. But there is still a majority of people who are crazy about it.

It didn’t take long for complaints to start rolling in about the new iPhone 5 and Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system. Although there are many complains about the iPhone 5, there still many people want to buy one. The Apple had announced that the sales of iPhone 5 were top 5 million three days after its release. The iPhone 5 would put on sale in other countries in next week.

In fact, as a smart phone, the iPhone 5 may be the best smart phone.

With many problems of iPhone 5 emerging, it is also reported that the performance of iPhone 5 is the best among nearly all the smart phones. The people who buy the iPhone 5 would not regret. The larger screen of it would appeal more. In addition, the LTE data is undoubtedly a plus. As long as you are in the area of LTE, you need not worry about paying extra for all that data. And you can download even faster, which provides much convenience. What?s more, the long battery life also is a plus.

There is no denying that the iPhone 5 is an incremental improvement over the iPhone 4S.

It’s a worthy upgrade, but nothing to get too excited about.

However, the Apple Maps is really a shortcoming. Apple Maps feels unfinished and buggy; Sprint and Verizon models can’t use voice and data simultaneously. But the iPhone 5 users could download the Google Maps by themselves to replace the Apple Maps.

If you have already got an iPhone 5 to replace the previous iPhone 4S, you must think of ways for backup the contacts of your iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. Provided that you have no good ways for backup, here I share 2 ways for backing up contacts of iPhone. You can choose one of them to back up contacts of your iPhone.

If you also have some great music in your iPhone 4S, you must also want to back them up to the iPhone 5. Actually, you can copy the music files to the iTunes library. But if the music files are many, this way may be a little tedious. So you can try iPhone backup software, which provides you the quick solution to save your iPhone music collections to a PC.

If you are also a gadget fans of iPhone, do not hesitate to buy the iPhone 5.

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