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Harder You Work, The More You Please God

Ansu Kyeremeh

The devil?s advocate that I am, today, I propose that henceforth, all who preach the gospel would preach a virtue of the HARDER YOU WORK, THE MORE YOU PLEASE GOD.

My target preacher people include bishops with and without bishoprics, archbishops with and without archbishoprics, as well as prophets of goodwill and doom. Overseers overseeing their personal pockets or others? welfare, positive and negative or revealing and hiding apostles, please take note. Not forgotten are Mallami, Mullahs and Sheikhs that are, or are not talismanic.

If all of them would preach that hard work takes one nearer to the Kingdom of God, what a great, prosperous high income motherland we shall have.

The benefits of hard work sermonised to the motherland of my compatriots would be enormous. There would be less noise for those who want to work or want to sleep to have enough rest to be able to work harder.

Without week-day and all-night services, one could count on enough rest with energy revitalised for next days? work. Productivity would leap to a minimum eight per cent and over annual growth. And we shall be heading right away towards a higher income status, skipping the middle, middle income and higher middle income steps, of the richness ladder.

Retrogressively, if you are a preacher person not preaching the harder you work the more godly you would become. You could be encouraging noisemaking or laziness or that which does not positively contribute to the development and prosperity of the motherland.

It is written in the Bible, Koran, Torah, Sanskrit/Mahabharata and every sacred, religious or spiritual text I know. If it is not there, you will have to tell me just like someone recently told me ?Heaven helps those who help themselves? is not in the Bible.

Imagine all the believers in the motherland living by a precept, credo, belief, doctrine that the harder you do hard honest professional work in your chosen profession, occupation, career, call or vocation, the more you please God. If that were to happen, the motherland?s prosperity could be achieved in years and not decades.

We would be giving concrete expression to constitutional Article 41e where it is written ?work conscientiously in his[her] lawfully chosen occupation.? Working harder, exercising the responsibility of conscientiously practising our chosen occupation is God?s/Allah?s desire for humankind.

Many of my compatriots and I would equally love to see and watch prayer warriors turning into workaholics engaging work, worrying about and warring against laziness and indolence and absenteeism at work resulting from prayer session engagements. With that, the motherland shall be liberated from economic morass embedded in religious enslavement.

The likes of the Christ Apostolic Church International at Adenta Housing Down congregations in the motherland in their actions live by the more time you spend keeping workers awake in odd hours with needless noise, the more you please God. They are the motherland?s worst enemies because they are after earthly gains and not delayed heavenly rewards.

If lateness and tardiness were to give way to in-time and on-time arrival at work, higher productivity will be the result. With absenteeism reduced drastically and the desire to please God reducing sick leave and casual leave periods, we can only do better on job performance.

For those who know not, greater concern for life here and now as well as terrestrial achievement influencing celestial conditions of rest because people are working harder to please God more, greater levels of comfort can be expected herein and hereinafter.

No politician, no preacherperson, no religious charlatan and no pretender to holiness would be able to deceive, steal from, exploit or take advantage of my compatriots to deprive them of their share of God?s blessings while they (the exploiters) up theirs in earthly wealth.

Lo and behold, the harder one works to enter heaven after death, the less costly funerals will be because wealth creation would replace time wasted on funerals. Like the grandchildren who found richness farming for phantom gold a grandpa had claimed hidden on his farm on his deathbed, hard work would sure lead to a motherland of riches.

The motherland needs not a preacherperson who preaches Jesus wore designer apparel to solve her problems. Let that be said by all.

Preaching the harder you work the more you please God is preaching development, the advancement that has eluded the motherland. Preaching the more time you devote to pretending to be worshipping God, the greater your delayed rewards to life after death breeds laziness and indolence.

January 13, 1972, February 24 1966, and December 31, 1981, wouldn?t have been coup days if coup makers, who had sworn to protect constitutions, were working hard to do just that and not breaking oaths for their ungodly selfish ends. What if churches everywhere were factories almost everywhere?

By KwasiAnsu-Kyeremeh


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