President John Mahama
President John Mahama

On the Ninth of January 2014 the SCANDAL devoted its Editorial column to a Prophetic Message President Mahama gave to Ghanaians concerning his expectations of the Year 2014. The title of our editorial was ?PRESIDENT MAHAMA?S PROPHETIC: SHOULD GHANAIANS HOLD HIM TO IT?

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

In a New Year message delivered to Ghanaians the President declared that ?2014 would signal the beginning of many good things for Ghanaians and urged them to remain clam and watch.
He said ?Urban Transport Network, Maritime and Port Development, Aviation, Energy, Manufacturing and the Business sectors were all going to witness a significant development in 2014. He promised that the economy will be transformed and living standards will generally improve. The President promised Ghanaians these and many more in the 2014 New Year message.

In that editorial of January 9, 2014 we told our readers that like them we too certainly will like to enter the 2014 with hope and confidence but we failed to see how the promises the President had made could come to pass.
Well now the year 2014 is almost ended and the Prophetic message has fallen flat on its face. For most Ghanaians the year 2014 was full of pain and suffering. This was the year in which Ghana?s local currency-the Cedi, almost crashed. The economy grew from bad to worse.

The country?s debt is now well over 60 per cent of GDP and is estimated to hit 71 per cent in 2015. In 2014 the government could not meet many of its financial obligations. Workers were most of the year on the streets on demonstrations to vent their frustration. Instead of relief the Government introduced additional burden on the people by adding mores taxes on Financial Services, Communication Services and Petroleum Products. Corruption has assumed epidemic proportions in the country. The President himself claims that 300 corruption cases are currently being prosecuted in the courts.

So many unpleasant things happened during the year and we cannot list them all in one editorial but suffice it to say that the promise of the President simply did not come to pass. In truth the opposite happened. As he is preparing to deliver another Christmas and New Year message our advice is that he should look for 2014 New Year message and sincerely and honestly examine it before proceeding to give the nation another message. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.

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