Despite the custody battle over Nahla between Oscar winning actress Halle Berry and the father-Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry has stated that she wants to move to Paris, France with her baby because of privacy issues…

I think about moving to Paris. I want Nahla to grow up in quiet environment, where she’s not followed by paparazzi or stalkers,” Halle told the German magazine In. “As opposed to the US, there are stricter laws in France which prevent such encroachments into my private life

However, infamous celebrity blogger-Sandra Rose thinks the main reason why Halle Berry is moving is to hide the Austism condition of Nahla…According to Sandra Rose,

But sources say Halle is really moving to France in an effort to hide her daughter’s autism from her fans.

It must be mentioned that,  Halle has dismissed such rumors, saying she and Nahla are learning to speak the French language together in preparation for their move and that, Nahla is really picking up on French quick.

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