The on-going feud between 45-year-old actress Halle Berry and 36-year-old model ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry reached new embarrassing heights this week. Halle looks visibly strained and upset as she was seen attending court in Los Angeles earlier this weekReports from media sources disclosed that during their recent court hearing the two have been ordered by Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services to attend parenting classes. The court are said to have expressed their  concerns over Halle and Gabriel not understanding the impact the feud is having over their daughter 3-year-old daughter Nahla.

In addition recommendations for Nahla to have counselling to ensure her well being is not been affected and for Gabriel to attend anger management classes. This was requested due to the alleged incident where the nanny reported he grabbed Nahla from her arms and shoved during a recent altercation. All this is in addition to supervised visits between the two couple. If this is not a judgement on the worse kind of parenting I don’t know what is and it sounds like that child WILL be needing those counselling sessions!

Meanwhile Halle does her best to move on with her current boyfriend actor, Oliver Martinez who she is rumoured to be engaged to. The three were seen recetnly at Malibu beach. No wonder Gabriel is mad, they all look like a real family.

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