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Halifax Ansah-Addo, editor for News One newspaper has called gospel musician Sonnie Badu a liar for denying that he said gospel musicians do not make sense.

In the  Monday, December  1 edition of News One newspaper, gospel minister Sonnie Badu was reported to have said that some of his fellow gospel musicians in Ghana simply do not make sense and also do not exalt God. Sonnie Badu on Tuesday on his twitter page denied the story saying he never said that.

According to Halifax on Radio Univers 105.7, Sonnie Badu made this statement two years ago at a press conference he held in Ghana and it needs to be probed, analyzed and critiqued well necessary today because they are still relevant. When the host of Brunch 2 Lunch, Bra Chef asked him why he didn?t publish the story two years ago but now, he said they published the story but Sonnie Badu denied the story and hurriedly flew out of the country.

?Who said we didn?t publish it two years ago? Two years ago we published the story. Some small story which he denied and after denying it, he immediately left the shores of Ghana. I said don?t worry, my brothers keep the tape, Sonnie Badu will come back to the country and we will put the same story out again, let him deny. Sonnie is in this country again, the challenges facing Ghana?s gospel music industry has not changed within the last 5 years. We put out his concern out again, does he stand on what he said, is it true, and is it not true??

Reacting to Sonnie Badu?s denial he said ?if Sonnie Badu says the story is false, his denial brings into question his credibility as a truth speaking human being. I?m telling you that I?m the editor of News One. I have a long standing reputation. If I wanted to misbehave, I wouldn?t put my name under that story. If I wanted to misbehave I wouldn?t start by saying I have a recording. I said I have a recording, I?m continuing to say I have a recording. I?m I a joker. Sonnie Badu is not any mean musician. Before I will talk this way then I know what I?m talking about??

?How dare Sonnie Badu call my story false when the same Sonnie Badu is sending his colleague gospel musicians for us not to continue the story? he stressed.

He further added that Sonnie Badu didn?t pay anyone at Daily Guide or News One ?if he says he paid people to talk about the show, I?m not sure we are one of those persons. If he means we are one of those persons, either he has been misinformed or again he is telling another falsehood just as he is denying his own voice on the tape. He paid Gh1000 instead of Gh2800 since we were media partners. Who loses? He has never paid any daily guide or news one reporter to do any PR work for him??

Halifax continued to say that Sonnie Badu should not talk too much and if he wants him to write about his concert on Saturday, he can and start to ask question like why Cwesi Oteng and Ohemaa Mercy who were billed to performed on the day pulled out.

?When you say that I didn?t say that, you are forcing the journalist in trying to defend and explain his story and expose you more to prove that you are telling a lie.?


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