Some of them was a mistake, some, we hear it was a stunt to shoot them to the top, some of them you can blame their ignorance for it. Well for a celeb, there is nothing like ?private?, everything you do is of public interest. Some of the these guys you see below have been the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. Is there anything like bad publicity? I?m sure if these guys where in the U.S.A their wealth will be booming by now as we?ve known many socialites who became famous infamously like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Paris Hilton, Farrah Abrams and many more. Their net worth surged after their scandal. Unlike these socialites, these things happen in Ghana and when they do, it rather kill the individual and their hard earned career. Let?s take a look at these Ghanaian celebrities who deliberately or not, leaked their privates for the whole world to see their goodies.

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