Feature: Gyan could return to the Premier League - But would anyone want him?

Asamoah Gyan with his teammates the day after joining Sunderland

Asamoah Gyan has not ruled returning to the Premier League but the ex Sunderland man had a poor Afcon 2013. So would anyone gamble on him?

As the African Cup of Nations comes to a close many teams are left picking at the wreckage of a disastrous campaign while others are basking in the glory of over-achievement and glory. For Ghana once again it really is neither.

A semi-final with Burkina Faso was on paper the perfect avenue to make it to the final against Nigeria but they failed on penalties and the dream was over for another year.

One player who featured for The Black Stars was former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan.

The striker came into the competition off the back of extremely impressive form for his United Arab Emirates club Al-Ain; scoring 48 goals in 38 appearances for the club arriving at the club from the North East.

His move to the Middle East was questioned by many who felt it demonstrated a lack of ambition and that he had failed to settle into life in the UK. However the former Udinese striker has not ruled out one day returning to the Premier League; speaking of how he misses the fans and lifestyle:

?Yes, that?s the one thing I miss. A big crowd can sometimes really cheer you up, and the fans can really lift you when they sing your name; it?s a great feeling. When I started my European career in Italy it took a year and a half to get a regular spot, but when I joined the Premier League I was already experienced, so it was easier for me to adapt. Life was easy for me because so many Ghanaians live in the UK, so I was meeting a lot of friends, it felt like home.?

?I don?t really know. I?m still young and concentrating on where I am now, Definitely if you?re doing well other clubs will be interested, then we will see where my future lies, but for now I?m really happy in Al Ain.?

But would anyone in the Premier League want to take him on. He struggled for form in the African Nations; surely a consequence of playing football at a lesser level. The way in which he left the Premier League as well would act as a deterrent despite his age and obvious ability it could be a real task convincing somebody to take a chance on the Ghanaian.

If he was to return it would be a welcome sight as there is little doubt he is one of the world?s most recognisable football faces but whether that will ever happen may have to remain a mystery for now.

Would you like to see Asamoah Gyan back in the Premier League?

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