… Company On Verge Of Collapse


The Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) which was established to be a world class utility company delivering quality and acceptable services based on their distinctive competence and best practices in the water industry, is being riddled with serious financial mismanagement, revenue decline, and visionless leadership.

Reliable information gathered from GWCL indicates that, although, GWCL claims to be committed to meeting the increasing demand for better service delivery through efficient management of their core business of production and distribution of potable water and customer management in urban areas of Ghana, monies accrued from their operations have found themselves in individual pockets with management and the Board doing little to ensure accountability.
Investigations have revealed that, in June 2013, two officers of the Accra West Region of the GWCL, Ing. Frank Asante who is the Distribution Manager and Mr Kofi Ntiamoah, Finance Manager were allegedly involved in a scheme used to siphon money from the company’s accounts.

Interestingly, when the issue came up, a committee was set up to investigate the allegation.

However, strangely enough, the committee established that the total sum of GH?3.7million was illegally taken by these two officials. The two according to checks have their appointments terminated by the Managing Director who was presented with the Committee report.

Investigations after the committee report was made available to the company, establishes that the two officers who “stole” the GH?3.7million were only sacked from the company whilst they were allowed to go away with the “stolen” money to enjoy.

This development has not gone down well with other staff of the company, who believe that the decision taken by management not to recover the “stolen” money from the two officials, will encourage other officials in positions of trust to do same.

In a resolution from the ATMA Production Staff of the Company, the workers pointed out their grievances and stated the many developments that seem to ground the company.

According to aggrieved staff of the GWCL, whereas modern companies succeed based on strong team work, their management led by Ing. Dovlo is not working as a team as it has affected worker’s morale and performances of workers have taken a nose dive due to lack of trust in the leadership and the Managing Director.

Stay tuned for: Why GWCL Revenue Is Declining


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