FOR the past month and beyond, the water problem in the capital has grown from bad to worse and hundreds of Accra residents are seen on a daily basis carrying gallons in search of water. The situation has become unbearable for residents in Adentan, Madina and other areas where water do not flow easily.

MORE importantly, the situation is having serious effects on the daily lives of residents in Accra, especially workers and school children, who have to carry buckets and bowls in search of water before going to work and school. It is however disquieting that in the wake of the water shortage, Ghanaians are made to pay huge water bills every month regardless of the availability of water or not.

INSULTS have therefore been added to injury through the GWCL announcement of proposed water rationing for the inhabitants of Accra and Tema. Although this is obviously not the first time GWCL is undertaking such an exercise, we at Today think the water company has not been fair to the general public, especially when there is no indication as to when this current problem will be resolved.

If it has become necessary to embark on such an exercise, we think that GWCL should have first furnished consumers with details of the water rationing exercise. And antecedents point to the direction that the GWCL on many occasions failed to honour its said time table on water rationing.

Todaycharges GWCL to work round the clock to address the current water problem to spare residents in Accra the hassle of travelling long distances in search of water. And since there is no simple solution to the nation?s growing water challenges, we appeal to the government to step in and provide the needed supervision, capital and equipment to ensure constant supply of water to the Ghanaian populace.

WATER is life and shortage or absence of it means absence of life.


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