This is a true story of an EBSU student.
The guy (a medical student) went to see his friends and then met this girl and liked her. After enquiring about her, he found out she was a girl who liked using guys (his friends too) and go after rich guys only, so he planned an attack.

He met her, talked to her, told her his father was a senator, schools in BIU, has a sister in d UK and he stays @ a very big hotel in asaba. They planned a meeting and she travelled all the way to see him. The boy being friends with the owner of the hotel begged him to stay for 2days.

She got there and was impressed, she started professing love for him. After a while he told her he doesn?t have so much on him as his father froze his account for spending recklessly but will be opened on Monday, she eventually gave him her atm card saying she trusts him and of course he promised to pay back and pay for her service with interest.

After spending 2nights, he withdrew all the money in her acct (200,000) which included her school fees and left the next morning saying he was going to get something and she can order whatever she wanted and of course she did. This guy ran away with all the money. She had to work, sleep with customers to offset the bill and her transport fare back.

How can one be so wicked? Can this be justified? 

Source: 247naijagossip


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