Hiplife star, Guru says his?Boys Abre?(Akiyida) song released a few months ago, seeks to encourage people to work hard and has nothing to do with terrorism or Al-Qaeda, the global militant Islamist organisation founded by Osama bin Laden.
The artiste was reacting to the Chairman of the Eastern Region Council of Muslim Chiefs, Chief Abu Adams, who has? called on the government to ban all songs associated with terrorism in the country.

Akayida?is a dance style that has emerged to upstage the popular?Azonto. A number of musicians, including Tee Phlow and Nii Bi (formerly of Klala) have recorded songs that many young people are dancing to with the Akayida movements.

Guru?s?Boys Abre?(Akayida), however, appears to be the most popular of the songs.

According to Chief Abu Adams who made his statement during this year?s Eid-ul-Adha Festival in Koforidua, some musicians have recently composed songs on Al-Qaeda, just to make that organisation popular.

He added that if such songs were to dominate the airwaves and homes, they would glorify terrorist activities with severe consequences on the peaceful Ghanaian society.

The?Lapaz Toyota?hit maker, however, implored people to listen carefully to the words in his song as well as the others and not make unnecessary issues out of the Akayida name.

?Ghana is a peaceful country so why would I do a song to promote violence.? I thought carefully about the song before coming out with it.? The title is?Boys Abre?(Akiyida) and not Al-Qaeda,? Guru told?Showbiz?in an interview yesterday.

?Ever since the song came out, I have not heard about or seen anyone causing commotion anywhere through the influence of the song. It is all about creativity and I am happy how the dance has? caught on across the country,? Guru explained.

He said he had received several favourable comments about the song which suggested it was loved by many who did not think it was out to promote terrorism here or anywhere else.

Guru took the opportunity to indicate that he has a new album scheduled to be out by the end of the year.

Source-Kofi Duah/Graphic Showbiz


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