Ladies and gentlemen, we take the opportunity to appreciate you all for coming, especially our friends from the media houses and all interested groups. On behalf of the Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS), University Students Association of Ghana (USAG), Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS), National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), we welcome all of you to this very important press briefing.
In commencement, we would like to refer to our petition to the President of the Republic of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo on Wednesday 17th May, 2017, seeking H.E the President of the Republic of Ghana, to use his very high office to rescind the decision of the Hon. Minister John Peter Amewu, to close down the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping and seeking redress from the high office of H.E the President of the Republic of Ghana, in bringing a resolve to the whole impasse of the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping Land sales, through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.
To our amazement, we received an official call from the office of the President, just in a few days after we had presented our petition to his office, to inquire of us, how to get to us for further and better communication. In a follow up dispatch, through an official letter dated 29th May 2017, and addressed to the National President of the Ghana Union of Professional Students Mr. Bismark Gyamfi, the office of the President assured us that it is in receipt of our petition, and that details of our concerns contained  therein vis-à-vis the reportage we cited are noted.
He therefore confirmed that the appropriate correspondences would be sent to the Hon. Minister John Peter Amewu for an immediate resolve.
However, after days of the official communication from the office of the President of the Republic of Ghana, there has been other follow up calls to the office of the President in accordance with what was being done to abrogate the decision of the closure of the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping and restore it.
In response to these calls, the Executive Assistant of the office of the President Mr. Ibrahim Adjei said “Your matter would be held at the highest level, the government and the President are engaging with the Minister to resolve the issues amicably. There is a resolve after the President had been in consistent and persistent engagements with the Minister.
The President took the matter seriously and had a resolve that is pleasing to everyone that is involved. It was after these correspondences that the Hon. Minister came out through a press conference to inaugurate the school’s new board on Friday 9th June, 2017 and further went ahead to announce its reopening on Monday 12 June, 2017.
In consequence, we called the office of the President to express our appreciation through the Executive Assistant and these were his words and we quote, “We are inspired by your Students Activism, and it is Leaders like you who change the world. Government is proud that we have such people like you in Ghana who stand in principle and make sure that good is done where good needs to be done.
You are Ambassadors of Change and Principle. You could have listened and followed suit to what was happening pertaining to the land and things would have gone differently, but you stood your grounds and said no, this is something that belongs to Ghana and we must not let any retail interests or commercial interests come in and hijack this property. We are proud of you Bismark, we watched you on youtube, and we saw all the interviews you guys did. In fact, we did a lot of researches and investigations on our own for 2 weeks before writing to you.
We take government seriously and can’t just write because of a letter we received. We needed to know who wrote the letter in order to find out if it had a merit or demerit , and there was a merit. We were very proud of you students who would become leaders and your activism has paid off, and am sure generations to come will hail you. Moreover, all of you are heroes in our eyes, so well done”.
Mr. Ibrahim Adjei reiterated “Students Activism when combined with a listening Government, Pays a Dividend”
Last but not the least, we the aforementioned Students Unions, unanimously express our gratitude to the President of the Republic of Ghana H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo, for taking up the matters concerning the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping and using his very high office to rescind the earlier decision taken by his appointed Minister Hon. John Peter Amewu for closing down the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping.
Your Excellency, you have indeed proven to us Ghana students that you are a father who has listening ears and will always listen to your children any time they call on you. Candidly, we feel so well for your kind gesture, demeanor, and composure in your positive response to our call after years of this struggle. We have come to believe that you are a true Leader and for that matter, a blessing to our motherland. Your Excellency, we will however not relent to vouch our supports to you and your government whenever we are called upon.
Respectfully  your Excellency, in as much as we are elated by the actions of your very high office, we would as a matter of fact remind you that even though the Survey School is reopened, there is still a lot that has not yet been done with respect to the Survey School land. We as a matter of urgency remind you once again Your Excellency, that your high office takes the steps to investigate the Procurement procedures followed, in pursuance of the Sales of the Survey School land by the Executive Secretary of the Land Commission DR. Anim Odame.
Your Excellency, we are very confident, optimistic, hopeful and trust that this brouhaha surrounding the land of the Ghana School of Surveying and Mapping, will be brought to a proper redress under your government.
In climax, we the petitioners admonish all Students Leaders across the African continent, and most especially Ghana to take cue from this struggle, as students activism continues to be a great instrument at our disposal, which aids us to fight our course and makes us more relevant to both our constituents and all stakeholders especially the government.
We therefore entreat all students leaders not to allow the infiltration of partisan politics to choke their sense of objectivity and true judgment on matters of national concerns and allow the real sense of logic, truth and selflessness to be our guide, so as to sustain our relevance to the people we lead and the society at large. May God guide us to become the leaders we ought to be and bless us all.
God bless Ghana
God bless Students Activism
God bless Survey School
Aluta Continua…….. Victoria Ascerta
Bismark Gyamfi
National President
Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS)