Because of work constraints I couldn?t fellowship with others in worship of Mawu Sogbolisa (God Almighty) as much as I would have loved toin 2014 so I?ve pledged to aside my personal prayers endeavour to join the flock for weekly worship more.


As usual there was testimony time where people mostly ladies rendered thanks to Yesu (Jesus) and Nyame (God) for their many offerings. That was usual till a lady in her 30?s took her turn to address the large congregation at the Kasoa based prayer ministry.

Her sturned out not be a testimony but an expression of faith that a miracle will occur in her life but it is her story which sent the over 700 believers into prolonged murmuring.

According to the lady (Ama), she out of the blue had a call from a total stranger imploring her to come fetch him at the Kotoka International Airport (Ghana?s national airport) since he has arrived from a trip in Europe. The bemused lady who has no one in Europe explained it was a misplaced call. Eventually she hung up the phone.
The following day the same supposed (boga/been to/returnee) called yet again to inform the lady that he immediately got enchanted by her sweet voice hence as a single man he was interested in marrying her and eventually relocate her to Europe.

Ama perhaps out of naivety or gullibility bought everything this fraudster said but here is the tragic twist. The supposed lover claimed he was journeying from Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital to meet her at Kasoa where the lady lives so they could get acquainted.

A few hours passed, Ama gets a call from the supposed bogathat he?s been arrested at a traffic intersection by police officers who are demanding 1000 cedis before he could be allowed to proceed. His unbelievable request was for Ama the lady he?s never set eyes on to kindly send 1000 cedis through MTN Mobile Money service so he could sort out the police officers.

Incredibly Ama having heard that

1. A boga was interested in her &
2. That he proposed to marry her

was willing to offer 1000 good cedis to a complete stranger, but for cash constraints she without demanding to see the supposed lover whether he was tall, hairy, fat, fair, dark, a midget or a giant wired 500 cedis through MTN mobile money service to the man (boga).

Ama without caring to dry her tears disclosed that hours after the transfer, the boga?s line went dead and has since not resurrected. Her passionate plea was for the congregation to assist her withprayers so Nyame will raise his hand so the supposed lover cum bogawho has the trappings of a fraudster would contact her physically or wire her 500 cedis back to her since her little business is collapsing.

I cannot tell you enough the minutes it took the congregation to quieten down, almost everyone was amazed, dazed and dismayed by Ama?s actions for not conducting reasonable checks before parting away with her hard earned cash.
Whilesome contend she was loose and gullible in anticipating a windfall from the supposed returnee others argued she is of the fragile breed and had been manipulated.

The ends certain ladies go all in the name of marriage and chance to go to Europe or America can be harrowing to say the least. I leave the last word for you my elders, in which category would you put our dear Ama and do bear her in mind when you pray.

michaeleli dokosi


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