Sailing holidays have always been a favored style in Mediterranean get-a-ways. There is just something more rewarding about a gulet sailing holiday in Turkey than the standard resort holiday style. The reasons are ones that can be considered quite personal as each individual has their own reason for preferring gulet accommodation as opposed to just a hotel.

Gulet sailing in Turkey | Incentive Travel Holidays

Gulet sailing in Turkey | Incentive Travel Holidays

Is it because you possess more freedom to enjoy your leisure time away from home?  Maybe it’s because of the nearly non-existent crowds normally seen in most holiday hotspots.  Could it be possible that you feel more special and pampered throughout your Blue voyage travels because of the personalized and custom made to order services that go along with it?  It may be that you actually see and do a great deal more, getting more out of not only your holiday but also your money.  The list is simply endless and so are the yacht charter destinations that make such a holiday one to put up on a pedestal.

From a personal perspective, this may be the most ideal type of gulet sailing holiday to explore with your family and friends. What about considering such a rewarding holiday as an incentive for your company team members and management?  In the world of business today, your most important asset are your employees.  The team that makes your company tick. One of the ultimate rewards for corporate incentives is certainly a holiday get-a-way on a luxurious gulet.  This is a lifetime experience that will be talked about for years.

Gulet sailing to the Greek Islands

Gulet sailing to the Greek Islands

Such incentive yacht charters are ideals for motivation and innovation.  Experience a holiday, custom made to meet your needs and pleasure, all at your own pace. Sail to any one of the islands nearby as you so wish, delight in tropical climates, and experience the best of what your gulet sailing destinations have to offer while you are impressed with one Mediterranean cultural culinary joy after another.

Customize every aspect of your voyage, from dining and entertainment to shore excursions, group functions, and activities. Modern multimedia facilities and meeting areas, as well as Wi-Fi access and audio/visual equipment, mean you can also set your business agenda while aboard. A corporate yacht charter offers a new and exciting travel experience. Enhanced camaraderie from sharing a new travel experience creates a bond with your organization.

Luxury yacht Cobra Infinity for Corporate Incentive Trips

Luxury yacht Cobra Infinity for Corporate Incentive Trips

Combine the pleasures of a resort hotel with the adventure of exotic travel to multiple destinations between Turkey and the Greek Islands with minimal hassle.

Gulet Sailing Holidays in Bodrum Turkey

Gulet Sailing Holidays in Bodrum Turkey

You will enjoy an unmatched level of personal service from our dedicated staff and seasoned professionals.  From VIP gulets to luxury class gulets, Turk Yacht & Gulet Charter will find the right Turkish gulet and destinations for you.

To find out more about how we can help you create an effective and unforgettable incentive yacht charter program on a gulet sailing cruise in Turkey or Greece, contact us

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