guitarmonk_valentine_s_day_Send a Heartiest Message?This Valentine?to your dear ones with a live music playing team.?Now you can dial up at?
+91 9716045455?and register for this service to surprise someone on any occasion. Music is a medium to connect people?s heart, create sentiments, forgiveness, share special feelings and emotions?[email protected].

Guitarmonk is celebrating its 4th?year of Valentine?s Day in Delhi/NCR. The service was pioneered by guitarmonk to create an emotional and sentimental value that brings smile, reverence and an unforgettable memory into the hearts of someone chosen by you. A service that will spread love vibes to anybody, with a very special treatment, that would last in someone?s heart for ever.??What makes this service special is its uniqueness of gifting, specialty and?Salutation?which is specifically designed for the receiver.

Note:??This service will be booked on a 1st come 1st served basis and will be available only to limited numbers considering time constraints.


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