unnamed (6)After the several unfortunate incidents against women in Delhi, India in the last few months particularly the Nirbhaya tragedy; Delhi city is being targeted as city of fear, hopelessness, and women?s violence by people around globe. The objective of the event was to honor women, re-strengthen the respect, sense of security, trust and bond of togetherness for women in Delhi city. This event is also a reflection and message of our responsibility, dignity and honor to the world around.
It?s a proud moment of both?honor?and privilege to share with you about the women?s day celebration by?Guitarmonk?on 7th March 2014. This is the 5th year contiguous event for women’s day. Around 400 women have been greeted on the day.

The event also followed great information about women empowerment.

A customized anti-stress?women’s day?music album comprising of therapeutic music is also released ?on the occasion.

Team – Guitarmonk


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