Ten years and still counting. Guitarmonk was established not just as a training ground for guitar learning but it was designed to function as a 360 degree music concept and music organization. It is an institute in terms of focus on professional and management development as it?increases the technical abilities and ?specialized functions of the guitar music learners.

Guitarmonk.1.1But, Guitarmonk is not just about guitar education as it is a ?solid organization where the company itself represents a corporate structure, a back-end team with utmost professionalism observing ?a philosophy that adheres to its mission and vision and also functions as a music body that includes social goals in corporate decisions.

Being a chain of institutions and incorporating several business models into the music dimension, Guitarmonk’s expertise is not just confined within the curriculum of guitar education but extends ?well ?in Events Management, Personalized Greeting Services, Publishing, Corporate Engagement Programs, Social Celebrations and Movements, Musical Instrument Distribution and Retail and also as a Record Label. Thus, students will be provided with musical opportunities in varied ways such as specially- designed musical platforms, a launch pad, internship programs, portfolios and career opportunities related to the programs and courses.

As a global brand, Guitarmonk is recognized as an organized system of methodologies whose business model had been known for a well-crafted musical structure maintaining the highest standard and quality of service delivery in all its branches and affiliations in a fast expanding territorial performance in India and the rest of the world. English speaking or skilled bilingual and certified teachers who were carefully selected and trained, to help the students achieve the best results and provide the finest mentoring possible.
In its goal of expanding and reaching out to the international market, Guitarmonk is set to launch? the “Guitarmonk International Residential Guitar School” for both Indian and Foreign students in Dehradun. It is a ground-breaker opportunity for guitar career seekers to get into a systematic training and career platform in India. For foreigners, the platform is an opportunity to explore Indian Folk, Raga and Bollywood Music on Guitar. Guitarmonk is the first and only reliable institution to offer such special and generous opportunities to the learning audience.

The?Guitarmonk Franchise Model?ensures a favorable window for investors to profit in this unique concept and to establish social welfare and honor as gaining popularity within their local territory and affiliations with a promise of a good long-term income.?The methodology of Guitarmonk Learning System with its own exclusive curriculum and USP of Indianism Music is also applicable to schools and institutes which can become an affiliate of Guitarmonk.

The recently launched?GM Tune Time, a Guitar Instrumental Video Episode Series which serves as a launch project platform for musicians, primarily to the guitar lovers who would like to share their talents and skills to the world.

Guitarmonk Social?is? the CSR/social wing of GM. It is India?s largest music social movement that aims to contribute on various social causes as part of the company?s social responsibility by supporting different advocacies such as the Preservation of Culture and Arts, Music for the Less Privileged, Music for Health and Music for Celebration of Life.

Guitarmonk Records?is another globally recognized record label, where ?Guitarmonk works with various local and international artists (such as Ustad Sultan Khan, Padam Shree Sumitra Guha, etc.) in album production, publication, promotion, distribution, marketing and in observing the copyright for the music videos and sound recordings in different mediums for the global audience and media. GM Records also conducts talent scouting and provides assistance for budding artists.

?We invested hard labor, long hours and millions of rupees in developing Guitarmonk ?as a compelling concept. We could have taken advantage of the market and just gained profit for the first 5 years of our start-up but we made almost none. The whole idea was very clear from the very beginning as to bring Guitarmonk as a global guitar name, a brand and a reasonable concept that can serve the global market with the right opportunity and learning, through the use of guitar as a medium in the growing experience and journey in music?.?Kapil Srivastava (Founder, Guitarmonk)


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