mineral water

The campaign will start with the registration of all companies producing and selling mineral water across the country.

mineral water

In the last five years, about 100 companies began producing mineral water for consumption, with a sachet being sold at some 500 Guinean francs (0.07 U.S. dollar).

The energy and water ministry has said it will enforce the law regarding the utilization of water resources.

“It is inconceivable and unacceptable to see individuals use our natural resources with impunity,” said a director from the ministry, Sofiana Dabo, adding “it was unfortunate that none of the companies producing mineral water had been registered and was paying taxes in accordance with the law.”

He said the campaign will spread to groups and individuals who are producing and selling mineral water, including hotels and administrative institutions.

With over 90 different mineral water companies operating in the country, only three companies have been officially registered by the authorities.

That has raised concerns among the population about the quality of the water.

Meanwhile, the companies have been accused of polluting the environment with plastic sachets thrown all over without recycling. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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