The reason for this risk is “shortage of funds” because, he said, “potential buyers of cashew nuts are afraid of buying due to existing political uncertainty in Guinea Bissau.

cashew nuts
cashew nuts
Cashew nuts are Guinea Bissau’s main export product and constitutes an economic pillar for most rural families.
In 2015, Guinea Bissau exported over 180,000 tons of cashew nuts. Gomes condemned some businessmen who were currently buying cashew nuts from farmers at lower prices.

Chinese and Indian businessmen are the main buyers of cashew nuts in the country, however, according to Mama Saliu Lamba who heads the new Chamber of Commerce, they are not coming to the country due to prevailing insecurity.

“The local businessmen do not have sufficient funds to buy the cashew nuts, still because of the ongoing political crisis,” he affirmed. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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