Orient Restaurant, a popular Chinese restaurant in Bissau, is frequented daily by tens of people, including politicians and senior state officials.

“I love Chinese food, and I even loved it when I was in Europe,” said Braima Djalo, the president of the African National Congress Party, one of the restaurant’s customers.

A former presidential candidate during the 2012 elections, Djalo affirmed that “Chinese food is healthy because it does not contain a lot of salt.”

Serifo Djalo, a former parliamentary leader of the Social Renewal Party, said the Chinese food, especially the soup, is very good.

The restaurant’s owner Zhou Wenfei acknowledged that there’s a great demand for Chinese food in Guinea Bissau.
“The people love our food because it does not contain much fat and salt,” he explained.

Zhou noted that if the demand increases, he will expand his services in Guinea Bissau to reach more people interested in Chinese food.

Indira da Silva, a journalist of the National Radio who has visited China, said she even prepared Chinese food at home because it is an excellent cuisine.

Orient Restaurant is the third Chinese restaurant to open its doors in Bissau after Chinese Restaurant and Dragon Restaurant. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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