The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) is to begin a 10-week nationwide census of agriculture to aid efficient policy implementation to boost the performance of the country’s agriculture.

The information collected from the exercise would help policy makers to better identify, prepare, implement and evaluate agriculture development projects and programmes to achieve the intended outcomes.

It would additionally provide up-to-date data on the structure of agriculture, something that would be vital to re-basing of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

There are also the other high points of – reliable statistics for programming and monitoring food security and livelihood programmes and the tackling of environmental issues at the community level.

A press statement issued by the GSS in Accra said the census would be conducted jointly with the Food and Agriculture Ministry.

It would begin on April 30 and end in the middle of July.

The statement said field personnel would visit all households to identify for enumeration people engaged in the production of all types of food crops, livestock, tree planting activities aquaculture and those doing fishing in both inland and offshore waters.

It called for everybody to cooperate with the enumerators and provide the required information, pointing out that, the success of the census was going to be essential for the nation’s development.


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