Information reaching sports desk indicates that, the First Capital Plus League will not kick start as scheduled.Grusah

This delay is as a result of an injunction placed on the league by CEO of King Faisal, Alhaji Grusah.

The league was supposed to start? september last year but was delayed because of an interlocutory injunction placed on the GFA congress which ushers in the new season.

A fortnight ago, court threw out Alhaji Grusah’s case against GFA but as part of the judge’s verdict, the GFA was to draft an undertaking that will automatically add Kumasi-based King Faisal to the league if they (King Faisal) wins the case against Aduana FC

However,the GFA failed to fulfil its part of the verdict but went ahead to organise its congress and launch of the league hence the injunction placed on the league.

The case will be heard on the 28th January.

First Capital Plus league was scheduled to start on sunday 18th January.









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