Among the developing countries India is one that is moving fast towards e-governance in both public and private sectors. In addition, there are over 50 million computer users in the country and many of them have their own PCs installed. Demands for computers, and all items related to it like printers, UPS, CDs and DVDs, pen drive, toner, ink, and ribbons are all huge in the market. Most of the procurements are carried out by tendering process. Computer tenders offer huge opportunities not only in respect of new installations and purchases but also in respect of maintenance of the old ones.

With a pronounced trend towards computerization and an ever growing IT market, India is one of the major economies where there is huge scope for business in information technology industry. Bidding and winning computer tenders can be very useful for any commercial enterprise in the field since the demands are very high both in public and private sectors.

Reasons for Demands

Several reasons have contributed to the ever growing demands for computers in the country.

Government of India and most of the state governments and union territories are now heading towards e-governance based on computerization. With the objective of creating paperless administration they are procuring huge numbers of computers and software, hardware, and other related items.In the private sector also most of the transactions are now carried on through computers and many big deals are concluded online. Therefore, there is huge demand for computers in the market. Also the banking sector has taken up all their transactions and businesses through computerized systems including e-banking, net-banking, and ATM counter running.People are getting more and more accustomed with Internet and therefore there is a huge demand for computers and its peripherals in the domestic user’s market as well. Convenience of carrying out all transactions from the cool comforts of one’s home is attracting most of the people to have their own PC with internet connections.In all such cases, requirements of software and hardware for maintenance are inevitable and this has opened up new vistas for business in the sector. Most transactions, especially in the government, banking, and corporate sectors are carried out using tendering process and therefore large numbers of computer tenders come up everyday in print and electronic magazine and internet.

Scope in Computer Tenders

Computer tenders do not mean only tenders for procurement of computers but also various other items like the printers, uninterrupted power supply or UPS, modems for broadband or other internet connections, and various additional software for programming and web designing processes. Other usable products are CDs, DVDs, toners, inks, or ribbons for the printers depending on their makes, pen drive, lap top batteries, and other connecting devices.

Apart from the offices and corporate industries, there are nearly 50 million computer users in India and it opens up huge scope for the entrepreneurs to enter in to computer related business. Bidding and winning computer tenders would be great step in the right direction for getting more profit and jumpstarting one’s business.

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